Sunday School Classes

FUMC Nursery – The nursery is available for the early service, Sunday school, second service and for Wednesday evening activities. It is also available for many church meetings and other extra church activities. Just let the church office know if you need a sitter for one of these activities. Our nursery worker is Mrs. Tammy Florence.

Pre-school/Kindergarten Class – When your child is ready to leave the nursery (usually around the age of three) they are in for a treat with Ms. Zoe! Stories, singing, dancing and art are among the fun things this class enjoys each Sunday. Ms. Zoe’s room is located next to the nursery.

First through Fourth Grade – This class meets upstairs above the office. Mrs. Nicole Cacciatori is the teacher. They do a wide variety of activities: singing, stories, memory verses, and occasionally enjoy a cooking, movie or game Sunday!

Fifth and Sixth Grade – This class meets downstairs each Sunday. They often enjoy the computers and a game of foosball before their lesson. They enjoy learning about the Bible each week. Their teacher is Mr. Sparky Hedden.

Junior and Senior High – This group enjoys the fellowship of each other while learning the word of God. Sam and Judy Green lead this great group of youth. The Greens bless this group each week with breakfast!

The Fellowship Class – This class meets in the Grand Hall. They call themselves ‘young adults’. Actually, they are moving up in age but seek younger adults to join their class in order to retain their ‘young adult’ title. They enjoy meeting each Sunday for Bible study and to discuss Christianity as it applies to their busy family lives.

Faith and Fellowship Class – This class is presently women, but welcome anyone who seeks lively conversation! They focus on practical Christianity dealing with everyday joys, accomplishments and concerns of the community, home and schools. This class is known for giving a helping hand to those in the community with needs. To visit this class, go to the third room on the left as you enter the education building.

Bob Shannon Good News Class – This is an eclectic group of men and women who love discussions, but enjoy ‘good listeners’ as well. They invite you to join them for study, prayer and fellowship. They meet in the second room on the left as you enter the education building.

Friendship Class – This is a great group of ladies who enjoy fellowship. The class is led by Liz Ann Lancaster. This class is great to help with community needs. To visit this class, go to the first room on the left as you enter the education building.

Jack Williams Class – This class meets in the first room on the right as you enter the education building. They invite men and women of any age to join them. They are presently studying from the International Bible Studies from Methodist Publishing.

The Men’s Bible Class – Also known as the ‘Silver Tops’. This group consists of men of all ages who come together in the old fellowship hall near the far end of the education building, first to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and then to study His word. They invite you to join them in His praise!