Sunday School Classes

FUMC Nursery – We have a nursery team who takes care of infants and toddlers in a nurturing, fun environment. The nursery is available for Sunday school and both services and for Wednesday evening activities. It is also available for church meetings and other church activities, so let the office know if you need childcare.

Pre-school/Kindergarten Class – When your child is ready to leave the nursery (usually around the age of three) they are in for a treat with Mrs. Zoe! Stories, singing, dancing, and art are among the fun things this class enjoys each Sunday. Ms. Zoe’s room is located next to the nursery.

First through Third Grade – This class is in the education building across from the nursery. They do a wide variety of activities: singing, stories, crafts, and memory verses.

Fourth and Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade – Students take part in the Confirmation preparation classes during the school year.

Junior and Senior High – This group enjoys the fellowship of each other while learning the word of God.

The Fellowship Class – Led by Joe Archer, this class meets in the Grand Hall. They enjoy meeting each Sunday for Bible study and to discuss Christianity as it applies to their busy lives.

Bob Shannon Good News Class – This is an eclectic group of men and women who love discussions, but enjoy ‘good listeners’ as well. They invite you to join them for study, prayer, and fellowship. They meet in the second room on the left as you enter the education building.

Friendship Class – This is a great group of ladies who enjoy fellowship. This class is great to help with community needs. To visit this class, go to the first room on the left as you enter the education building.

Jack Williams Class – This class meets in the first room on the right as you enter the education building. They invite men and women of any age to join them.

The Men’s Bible Class – Also known as the ‘Silver Tops’. This group consists of men of all ages who come together in the old fellowship hall near the far end of the education building, first to make a joyful noise unto the Lord and then to study His word. They invite you to join them in His praise!