Focus:  “…and a little child shall lead them.”  May, 2018

Bailee Gentry, a 2nd grader and daughter of our chief nursery attendant, Meghan Wright-Gentry, got permission to begin a Kids For Christ club at Sheridan Elementary School which meets during the second recess on Fridays at her school.  Bailee was elected president of the club, which is led by children.  Over 20 children have signed up to participate. Isaiah the prophet foresaw a day in which “…a little child shall lead them. (Is. 9:6).

Jameson Archer was recognized recently for a mission to help feed local children in a collection of quarters that she helped begin as a 5th grade student.

Our daughter, Catherine, last summer after her freshman year in college, volunteered for eight weeks at St. Vincent Medical Center working with patients in the infusion unit. Catherine this spring was awarded a college scholarship from St. Vincent’s in honor of her volunteerism and college accomplishments.

Our son, Matthew, spent his spring break the first week of March with the chaplain from Lyon College and six other students in Houston, Texas, in a ministry, “8 Days of Hope,” in which he helped repair homes damaged in the recent hurricane, tearing out sheetrock and roofing a woman’s home.

Two children and two college students serving our Lord Jesus and making a difference in the lives of others. I am inspired and challenged  by their service to the Lord. And I am sure yours is as well. What can we also do to know Him and make Him known to others?

In Christ’s love,

Bro. Daniel