Focus: The Most Important Room?

What’s the most important room in our church facility? The sanctuary comes to mind first, of course, where we worship our Savior Jesus and sing praises to the glory of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, of course.  Others make a case that the Grand Hall is the most important room because of the importance of fellowship with one another. The Technology Committee found in a survey that the Grand Hall is used at least 93 times annually by groups, so it may be the most frequently used room in our Church.

But from a minister’s perspective, the most important room is……the church nursery! Our newborns, toddlers, and children are God’s greatest gifts to us. So the care of children in our church nursery is of vital importance to the present and future of our church. When parents know their children are safe, cared for, and loved, then they can participate and become a part of our church family. So we commend our fine head nursery attendant, Ms. Meghan Wright-Gentry, for her outstanding service to our most precious gifts. We are thankful for Meghan and her three beautiful children who often assist her; daughters Jodi and Bailee and son, Tegan.

We also join together in welcoming our  Ms. Baylie Barker, and her daughter, Emory. Baylie began as childcare attendant with Meghan on February 14. (See her photo on the front page.)

The New Member potluck banquet was a fine feast on February 18. Our thanks to Seth and Dona Glaze, co-chairs, and the Family Life Committee for hosting it. It is a joy to recognize and honor the 21 persons who have joined our church family in the past twelve months, the most in years,  as many people commented. Evangelism is loving people and is the lifeblood of our church. Join us as we share Christ’s love with others who need to know and experience Him as our church grows in 2018.

In Christ’s love,

Bro.  Daniel