Focus: Be an Andrew!

In my 33 years as a minister of the Gospel I’ve discovered there is no higher privilege and no higher joy than helping someone find out about Jesus Christ.    

We’re told in John 1:41, “And he (Andrew) brought Simon Peter to Jesus.”  We don’t hear much more about Andrew except that he was always bringing people to Jesus (John 6:8; 12:22). But his brother, Simon Peter, went on to become one of the greatest influences in the history of Christianity. We can’t all be Simon Peters, but we can all do what Andrew did – we can bring someone to Jesus.

 Albert McMakin was a 24– year-old North Carolina farmer who came to faith in Jesus Christ. Out of enthusiasm of his newfound faith, he filled a van and took them to a church service to hear about Jesus. He also invited a handsome farmer’s son to go, but the young man was more interested in chasing girls than coming to worship. But Albert persisted and eventually persuaded his friend to come by asking him to drive the van.  When they arrived, Albert’s guest decided to go in and was spellbound by what he heard and began to have thoughts he had never known before. The young man continued to go back night after night until he came forward and gave his life to Jesus Christ. Albert McMakin’s handsome friend, the man he asked to drive the van, was Billy Graham. The year was 1934. Since then Rev. Billy Graham has spoken to 210 million people in person about the Christian faith.  We can’t all be like Billy Graham, but we can all do what Albert McMakin did – we can bring our friends to Jesus.

I’m excited about the upcoming Youth Sunday on February 4 in which our senior and junior high youth will lead both of our worship services, Early Word at 8:45 a.m. and our Divine Worship service at 10:50 a.m. February 4 is “Super Bowl” Sunday as we know. But in our church we will be observing “Super Youth Sunday,” and we encourage our youth as we thank God for their faith, leadership, and service in our church.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday!

In Christ’s love,

Bro. Daniel