Focus: Windows of Opportunity (September 2017)

     Labor Day weekend seems to mark the unofficial end of summer, though Friday,  September 22 is the first day of fall.   Many of us will head to the lakes and rivers to cool off one last time and as we anticipate and welcome the cooler days of fall.

     For Christians, the days after Labor Day and the end of summer and the start of school have become a window of opportunity as it pertains to inviting and welcoming people to our church.  Evangelism researchers have identified three key times on our US calendars where unchurched people are more open in their search for God which are:  1)  the week of Christmas;  2)  the week of Easter, and 3) and lastly, the days of September after Labor Day as people begin to get settled into a fall routine.

   In these  troubled times our nation and the world are undergoing,  we Christians have a window of opportunity also to take the lead following our Savior Jesus, the Prince of Peace,  who came to reconcile us with God and with one another.   The good news of our faith proclaims that God is love and Jesus showed us how through sacrificial love and giving, we can woo people to God with His love and grace and kindness.    On Wednesday,  September 6th our much beloved Soul Food Café’  dinners at 5:30 pm begin along with our Wednesday evening activities of UM Kids,  UM Youth,  Chancel Choir, and Bible Studies.

    So I encourage you to invite  your unchurched friends, neighbors, people you work with, and family members to join us here at our 1st Methodist Church family:  invite them to Sunday school, to worship, and to Soul Food Café.

     And a  happy & safe Labor Day weekend to each of you!      In Christ’s love,

     Bro.  Daniel