From the Pastor’s Pen – June 2016


As I write this newsletter article for June, I am very aware that this is the last one that I will write as the Pastor of Sheridan FUMC.  As we prepare for your new Pastor, Rev. Daniel Kirkpatrick, to come and serve with you beginning July 1, I would like my final written words to be those of gratitude!

Thank you for letting me serve as your Pastor for the last three years, and for your willingness to allow me to attend General Conference as a Reserve Delegate in May!

Thank you for willingness to increase the number of schools served by the Backpack Program that aided an increasing amount of the hungry children in our community, and for participating in the Summer Feeding Program that has helped to serve over 4200 children over the last two years!  Even when outside funding for the backpack program went away, our congregation stepped up to make sure that these children were still being served. I also know that through your leadership in the Summer Feeding Program that you and the other churches of the Ministerial Alliance will serve even more children this summer.

Thank you for your leadership in our community, in our church district, and our Annual Conference, as we participated in community groups together, as we attended Annual Conference and Annual Conference events, as our United Methodist Women served on the SE District Leadership teams, as our Youth took leadership roles on the SE District and Annual Conference Youth Leadership Teams, and for your willingness to participate in many other leadership and growth opportunities for our Church! I am truly proud of your leadership, and the difference you make in many different ways.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in “The Story” campaign this year as we learned the importance of God’s story together and how we are a part of that story ourselves!  I pray that as you read and studied “The Story” at home, in Sunday school, and in Worship, that you found a new way to understand how God is working in your life.

Thank you for three years of wonderful ministry together!

As we enter into the month of June we will consider the changes in our ministry together as Pastor and Congregation, and the changes that will be taking place in the Pastoral leadership of Sheridan FUMC as we enter into July.  During my last three sermons, we will be addressing the Pastoral transition, as we discuss the process of grief, the true focus of our faith, and the final thank you’s and farewells that we will share together in our current relationship as Pastor and Congregation.   During these services we will also be participating in a worship event each Sunday that will help prepare us for this transition.

As we enter into June, I ask that you be in prayer for me and my family as we make a transition into a new ministry setting in Greenwood, Arkansas.  I would also ask that you be in very special prayer for your new pastor, Rev. Daniel Kirkpatrick, and his family as they transition to be in ministry with you here in Sheridan.  Rev. Kirkpatrick is a wonderful man of God, and I know that he will serve faithfully as your pastor as he leads you into the amazing future of your ministry for Jesus Christ!

Yours in Christ,

Rev. John Embrey


June 5, 2016     “Good Grief”                             1 Thessalonians 4:13

June 12, 2016    United Methodist Women’s Sunday

June 19, 2016    “The Focus of our Faith”                        1 Corinthians 3:4-11

June 26, 2016    “Thank You for Being Partners”  Philippians 1:3-11