From the Pastor’s Pen – September 2015


Looking Forward into “The Story”

As we discovered during the first week of “The Story,” it all begins with God creating our universe with a grand vision to live in perfect relationship with us. Even when the first humans sinned, God did not give up on us.  Instead, God began a new plan that would save us from ourselves.  God started small, by calling one man to build an Ark to live on during a worldwide flood.  The Ark was successful in saving Noah and his family, and the animals of the earth.  However, it wasn’t successful in removing sin from the world.  Since this attempt at starting over didn’t work, God continued working out a plan for saving the world.

Over the next couple of weeks we will continue to live with the suspense of God’s grand plan to win us back as we look at the first steps of this amazing plan.  It begins with the call of one man who God asks to leave behind his home and family. This man is named Abraham, and God promises him that he will be the father of a great nation.  But, there’s a catch.  Abraham is already 75 years old and his wife Sarah is 65, and they have been childless.  During the second week of “The Story” we will learn how God can work even in the most unlikely situations, and how Abraham’s faith should be a model for us all.

The Story continues with Abraham’s descendants, especially his great-grandson Joseph who is sold into slavery by his older brothers out of their jealousy.  During his slavery Joseph’s life has its ups and downs, as he finds himself the head of a household, to being thrown into prison, ultimately to find himself as a member of Pharaoh’s court.  During the third week of “The Story” we will learn how, even in the midst of broken families and broken dreams, God can provide us with a new vision for the future.

After God helps Abraham’s descendants to settle in Egypt we will pick up the story many years later as what was once a good situation becomes a situation of slavery for all the people of Israel.  We will spend three weeks in this part of God’s story as we learn about their difficulties, about the birth and call of Moses, the struggle between Moses and the man he grew up with as a brother, Pharaoh himself, and about the eventual release of the people of Israel from their slavery.  We will then hear about their first steps in journeying with God in the wilderness.  This journey wasn’t without struggle either, and we will learn how God continued to work out God’s amazing plan of our salvation through these struggles.  During weeks four, five, and six of “The Story” we will learn how God continues to call and equip people for their place within the grand story, and how our own decisions might affect those with whom we are traveling.

I hope to see you in September, and I would encourage you to invite a friend to come and participate in “The Story” with us!

In Christ,

Rev. John Embrey

Looking Forward into “The Story”



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