From the Pastor’s Pen – October 2014


Jesus said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15 (NIV)

There is a story that as St. Francis of Assisi was traveling with his companions he came upon a large group of birds and told his friends to wait on him while he went to preach.  As he approached the trees where they were, the birds began to gather around him as he told them of Jesus Christ and his love for them.  He also encouraged the birds to celebrate the gifts that God has given them, and to acknowledge God as their creator.  At this, the birds joined together in a song of praise.

From that moment on, St. Francis took whatever chance he could to not only preach the gospel of Christ to people, but to all of God’s creation.  He justified this preaching with the above verse from the Gospel of Mark in which he reminds us that ‘all creation’ implies not only people, but the animals as well.  That is why we often see St. Francis depicted with a bird on his hand in either paintings or statues. On Sunday, October 5, we are going to join in with St. Francis in acknowledging that God has created all things and that we live in a mutual interdependence with other creatures.   

We will do this as we celebrate our pets and the love we share with them at our first Pet Blessing Service which will be held at 2 pm on October 5, in the North Parking lot.

In Christ, Rev. John Embrey

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